The activities at MPD are grouped into three divisions: Resins,OleoChemicals,Oils


The resins activities are focused mainly to serve the Coating Industries, Printing Industries and the Adhesive Industries.The ever changing needs of the resin industry is the driving force for us to make customer specific products as per their final application needs.

MPD is one of the India ‘s leading supplier for coating Industry. We specialize in manufacturing technologically sophisticated high quality products that are tailor- made to meet customer’s performance criteria.The products are used for various end use markets like Paints, Printing Ink & Adhesive Industries.We are constantly developing new products to make more eco friendly products.


Fatty acids of various kinds and Glycerin manufacturing are one of the major activities at this facility. The products are used for wide variety of application like surface coating, leather chemicals, pharmaceuticals, soaps,cosmetics etc.


At MPD we cater for all kind of oils for the surface coating industry.We are pioneer in this field and most of the paint and printing Ink Industry depend for their needs of vegetable oils from us due to our reliability and consistent performance over the number of years of quality product supply. We understand the need of the coating industry of oils better than any body due to our long association with the industry.


Responsibility is another commitment MPD endeavors to ensure. Its WCM directives already focus on building caring individuals, enhancing the organization as a whole. Among these are concentrations on environmental consciousness. Inline with our corporate values to participate in exercising environmental protection, The Company emphasizes its industrial environment to extend its duty to the nation and the world through the appropriate management of environmental issues. The Company is IS014001,IS09001and Ohsas 18000 certified to internationally comply with recognized standards.