MPD’s products mainly serve the Coating Industry, Ink Industry, Adhesive Industry, UV curable products for various application and oleo chemicals . MPD’s MISSION & VISION STATEMENT focuses on the long term mission and the vision &Values on which the company operates innovative customer specific products are the key drivers to our strategy. MPD is one of the leaders in India for resin.The manufacturer location is in the Central India ( Indore ) and is very well connected by air, rail and road . It is ideally served in manufacture and distribution in the country and it is well connect to various ports in India .We at MPD have a very rich history of more than 60 years in the coatings industry.We have a national marketing network and have international tie-up for marketing our products globally.

MPD has exported to various countries globally.With exports to various countries world wide, MPD is very active in development of new products to suit the requirements of valued customers. It is MPD’S moral responsibility towards the society & community to be it’s integral part.We are aware that it is necessary for our success to be accepted as a part of society.

We are continuously making resins as per customers needs in our R&D we focus on the on the applications on needs of our customer & then jointly develop product to suit their application.Our R&D team is very focused on giving economical solutions to every need of our customers We focus enthusiastically on customer service,prompt response & minimum lead time so that our customers have to keep minimum inventories.

We have exporting our products to various countries worldwide.



MPD is active worldwide in products for surface coating . Industry. Company’s logo tell us what the company ,.. stands for “We innovate we serve”. We at MPD create innovative products that help service our society.