Core Values


With exports to various countries world wide, MPD Industries Pvt. Ltd. Is very active in development of new products to suit the requirements of valued customers. It is MPD’S moral responsibility towards the society & community to be it’s integral part. We are aware that it is necessary for our success to be accepted as a part of society.

We clearly understand our position in this regard and thus we are guided by MPD’s values. These values are stated clearly so those who are both in and outside the company know what MPD is and what it stands for. In our MPD Values you will find rules of the Values underlying our code of conduct. These are defined with three key audiences in mind, our customers, our employees and the communities where we do business.

MPD values guide as to how we conduct our business & what choices we make, on the basis of these values our employees are also judged. MPD Values are applied to all MPD employees regardless of where they are based.


• We are in business to create values, values for our customers and investors, for our employees and the communities in which we operate.This goal can only be achieved by combining entrepreneurial ability and awareness ofthe need for continuity and strong sense of responsibilities.

• We look after the interest of our customers, employees, shareholders and business partners. Their success is responsible is in return responsible for
our success.

• We want to create situations whereby we have win win partnerships with our business partners and our customers.We are committed to meet the demands and requirements of come up to expectations of local, regional,national and international bodies and relevant interest groups.

• People are a key resource to the success of any organization,we at MPD Value our human resources and it play a very important role in the development and achievement of values. GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP is also the key for our success.

• We have a policy of transparency and openness; we provide clear information about our activities, strategy, organizational structure, financial policy and the impact there of on society and the environment.

• We regularly publish report periodically in which we account for our performance with respect to financial results social policy and safety, health and sustainable development.These reports contain an evaluation of our compliance with our MPD Value.

• We encourage communication with the world around us through direct contact with interested groups and indirect communication through the media.