1962 : Established in the year 1962 as solvent extraction plant under the banner of Gwalior Oil Mills by Mr. Jayantibhai N. Patel with technical collaboration with M/s. Larsen & Toubro and Rosebown Thompson of United Kingdom.

1978 :In the year 1978 Gwalior Oil Mills diversified to Hydrogenation of Vegetable Oils & Processed vegetable oil.Gwalior oil mils got National acceptability products and it scaled new heights. 1986 : In the year 1986, Saw the emergence of M. P. Dye Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd. With the Resin manufacturing capacity of 4 tons per day.

1992 : Setup of Edible Oil Refinery with capacity of 30 tons per day.

1996 :Resin manufacturing capacity increased from 8 tons per day to 15 tons per day.With introduction of speciality resin to serve the concerned industries.

2001 :Fatty acid plant came in production with manufacturing capacity of 7 tons per day.

2004 : Introduction of Ultra violet curing products and got national and internationals acceptability.

2005 : Expansion of Resin plant from 15 tons per day to 25 tons per day. Expansion for glycerin distillation plant 10 tons per day.Expansion for production of world class quality products of Bio Diesel.

2006 :ISO 9001 Certification of Indore Facility.

2006 : ISO 14000 Certification

2010 : IS018000Certification

2010 : Shifting from fossilefuel to bio fuel completely thus reducing the carbon footprint

2011 : Change in name From M.P. Dyechem Industries to MPD Industries P Ltd.

2012 : Expansion of fatty acid plant to facilitate DCO fatty Acid Exports

2013 : Incresed resin manufacturing capacity to solid capacity of 87.5 tons a day (for a 24 hours cycle batch)

2015 : Palletiser for resin cooling and state of art raw material and storage facility.