• To protect our future we want our operations to be not only profitable but also socially acceptable.

• We are aware of our responsibility towards the environmental and we shall carry out our activities on the principle of sustainable development.

• Our production processes and products are guided by our commitment to promoting safety.Our focus shall be on developing new technologies, taking note of views of stake holder. As per our guidelines of transparency and openness, our customers and general public shall have necessary information’s about our products and production processes.

• Improving process efficiency conservation of raw material,environment & energy are our thrust areas

• We shall regularly evaluate and improve the working methods, production process, products and services so that they are safe and acceptable from the point of view of our employees, our customers, the public at the large and the environment.

• We shall abide by the laws and regulations that are in force.

• We at MPD shall prohibit seeking influence on political decision making process by granting favors or giving of the stake holders in MPD.

• Serving employees and residents living nearby during emergency situation like natural disasters & public disturbances will be our priority. We shall encourage and train our employees to be more cultured and civilized.

• Our employees are to avoid a conflict of interest amongst their official functions and on behalf of the company and their conduct as private citizens that might compromise their integrity in their official capacity or compromise the integrity of the company.