On what values are our mission and goals based?

People Oriented Approach it is Important to Us That We:

• Have a working environment that Inspires and Motivates our employees.

• Train ourteam members to enhance their competency to achieve our common goals.

• Have a Transparent Organization with clearly defined tasks, powers and responsibilities

• Propagate an EntrepreneurialTeam Spirit in line with company’s vision.

• Empower and manage our people in such a way that their potential is used to the full.

Safe and Clean Working Environment, So Each One of Us Aims for:

• Zero accidents, No health hazards attributable to MPD Coating Resins activities

• No undue burdening of the environment.

Customer Oriented Approach Customers Justify Our Existence

• Therefore we shall have complete approach towards customer satisfaction as one of our top priorities and try to deliver more than the customers expectation in way of quality and service.

• We set High Standards for ourselves and others Our communications are aimed at Maximizing

• Commitment and understanding. Integrity and Professionalism should be an integral part of all of our business functions.

• We respect and welcome the Opinions of Others.

• We are Responsive to Colleagues,customers and society.

• We keep our promises and Meet Our Commitments.

• We continually build on Each Others strengths and help each other to overcome and eliminate weaknesses.