Win Win Partnerships

• In line with our goal to create values, MPD’s real challenge is in participating in the success of our customer and users of our products.

• We believe in freetrade in compliance with the enacted nationals & international laws.

• We identify manage and minimize the risks attached to our products during their entire lifecycle. We share with our customers,suppliers and other party’s complete information about our products.

• We look into our prospective partner’s track record regarding safety,environment management health and sustainable development other than economic considerations.

• Our employees, customer, suppliers and share holders views are very important while taking decisions in our company.

• To have fairness to everybody,our employees shall not give and accept gifts that could compromise and raise doubts about the decisions made by either of the parties involved.

• Management is kept informed by employees for any act or incidents involving factory employee or factory associates which will adversely affect the image of the MPD or trust of the stake holders in MPD.